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Canon video cameraWhat do we do first? We listen… Once we understand what you want, we customize our services to meet your needs. Whether you’d like us to execute an existing project; work on a preliminary idea; or fully craft a finished product from concept to completion, we can deliver!

We employ the latest in “drone” technology to give you that filming angle that you never thought possible before. For ease of set up and deployment in a wide range of environments nothing beats a filming drone.

Ariel filming and photography used to mean very 2 dimensional shots from several hundred feet up.
Now fly with us between the tree line as we approach the subject, following overhead, taking multiple angled shots like never before .
Flying drones is a unique and intimate way to shoot action shots. The drone can move in any direction from the ground up to 400ft. We can get smooth tracking shots over terrain where it wasn’t possible unless you had a large budget.
Whether it’s a standalone piece, part of a larger campaign or simply to bolster your existing marketing materials, we can help

InspireWe supply and manage the full spectrum of production services. At the beginning, we partner with you in creative collaboration and conceptualisation. Then, we provide full-service film and/or video field production: directing, producing, script writing, sound, art direction, casting, location management, and craft services. Our collaboration continues in post production: editing, graphics design, and audio production. We then make sure your product has the right exposure with web presence development, optimisation, and support.

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