Telephony Services

XT4 have adopted telephony as a good means of direct response communication. Within XT4 we control our own telephony platform that allows us to provide contact telephone numbers for clients to use in campaigns. These may be mobile numbers, low-charge numbers or premium numbers, depending on the requirement. XT4 also have SMS and Voice Short Code facilities.telephone-microsoft-scam

Whether UK advertising or not, XT4 can provide telephony ad tracking numbers in 122 networks around the world, catering for all communication requirements.

Using telephony to manage your advertising responses is a fantastic way of identifying which adverts and which media is working best for you. In some cases, such as direct mail response or localised TV/Radio advertising, XT4 have provided clients with a different contact number for each area advertised in. The resulting stats prove extremely important to the client, providing strategic insight to where best to place their marketing.