Little Paradise

Little Paradise is a holiday resort in Portugal and Malta. The resort is a collection of beautiful villas with individual private gardens and swimming pools. The resort, although relatively new, was in need of a boost in sales.

XT4 reviewing the site, the facilities in the area and identified the passions of the resort owners, who were semi-professional triathletes. Cycling was a major sports activity in the area, with superb cycling facilities. It was evident that the resort could benefit from ‘out-of-season’ use by providing sports based vacations.

The resort ‘Little Paradise’ would benefit from sub-branding, so XT4 created; Cycle 9, Golf 18, Footy 11 and Triathlon 3, as the the initial brands for the new sports activities the resorts would offer. Each brand has an allocated number for its┬ásport to provide a family of┬álinked identities. The ‘holding’ holiday business ‘Little Paradise’ received similar treatment to stylise the brand further.