Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimising (SEO) is always portrayed as a secret art, some form of magical mystery only privy to a select few scientific types in whites coats…well, XT4 don’t agree.Magnifying glass

Without simplifying the process to undervalue it, let us explain how we see SEO.

It’s not all about your site, your search terms, your products, your presence on the web or in the world called ‘social media’. As with any business success, it’s all about staying ahead of your competitors. Unless you are NASA providing rockets to the US government, you’re going to have competition in your business. Knowing what the competition are doing to stay ahead in the SEO race is extremely valuable, but also knowing their SEO failings or errors, is equally important to your own SEO success.

Most agencies will blind you with SEO science, provide you with endless reporting on how your website is performing in the SEO race, but XT4 will provide you with the insight you didn’t think possible and that is where we help you succeed beyond expectation.

Whether pc, tablet or mobile, your website must be seen within the first 4 records on appropriate search results, page 2 isn’t seen and worthless…a top 4 finish is all that should be acceptable, and not just for premiership football clubs.

XT4 utilise unique tools to track and discover how your competitors perform in search results, exploiting their errors and capitalising on these with real-time site content management via the constant monitoring of 28,000,000,000 (and growing) global search terms.